Member Profile – Alexandra Forbes

Alexandra Forbes

Joined PWAC:
2002, I think

Why did you join PWAC?
Because I had just moved to canada from Brazil, and wanted to meet fellow journalists.

What kind of writing do you do, and who have your written for?
I’m a food and travel writer, and I’ve been a restaurant critic for many years, too. I’ve written for several Brazilian magazines (Vogue Brazil, Playboy Brazil, VIP, Gula, etc etc), for Maisonneuve, En Route, Tidings and Azure in Canada and for Four Seasons and 360 in the US. I also have a weekly recipe column in The Record, Sherbrooke’s English-language daily newspaper.

What was the first piece of paid writing you published?
A story about international cuisine which ran in Jornal da Tarde, Sao Paulo’s third
largest daily paper. I was a reporter there, it was my first job.

What made you want to be a writer?
I’ve loved writing since I was a little girl. I really can’t remember why, but I’ve
felt like a reporter for as long as I can remember. In fact, I miss the adrenaline
rush of working in a newspaper newsroom, after all these years of freelancing from

What qualities do you look for in an editor/client?
I like editors who know what they want and don’t waste time exchaning a myriad
emails about one little assignment. And those who edit and process invoices

What’s the best piece of writing advice anyone has given you/that you
want to pass on?

Once, when I was eighteen or so, my first editor at Jornal da Tarde gave me
a tough, last minute assignment, and two hours later she asked me if I’d
interviewed so-and-so and I went on to explain why I hadn’t. She cut me
off and said: “a good reporter never brings me a problem, but only solutions”.
When I became an editor myself, I came to appreciate what she said – who
wants to hear the details of why a task hasn’t been accomplished?

Who are your favourite writers?

You can’t write without your…
Mac, containing a super extensive research library that I’ve been compiling
and updating for seven years.

If you weren’t a writer, you’d be a…


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