“Freelancer Boot Camp” Summary –Marijke Vroomen-Durning

This past April 5th was my first stab at attending a local chapter workshop, the Freelancer Boot Camp. I was a bit hesitant because, other than the tax accountant, I didn’t think I had much to learn. How wrong I was.

There were four speakers covering income tax, ergonomics, blogging, and photography. The tax accountant, Remo Scappaticci, gave a quick but fairly thorough overview of what freelancers can and cannot deduct, as well as how to manage things like GST collection.

The ergonomics expert, Bernie Shalinsky, was one that I thought I’d not be learning much from, especially when he put out his diagrams of the spine and body positions. Since one of my clients is an orthopedic website, I figured, “What can he teach me?” Well, he taught me a lot. Because of him, my desk is much more ergonomically correct and my neck pain that had been plaguing me for almost a month is now gone. Who’d have thought?

The third speaker, Matthew Forsythe, discussed blogging and how it can benefit the freelancer. He discussed the different types of blogs there are and how to start one if you are so inclined. As a personal and paid blogger, again, I thought I didn’t have anything to learn. Yup, I was wrong again.

Finally, the last speaker was a photographer, Peter McCabe, who showed us how best to take good photos, the idea behind how to capture your subject in different ways, and the importance of how you approach it. As an avid (very) amateur photographer, I found that I took a lot away from that talk as well.

All in all, I gave this workshop a 10/10. Very good speakers, very informative information and a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.


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