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Report by Regional Director Craig Silverman

It is an honour to serve as your Regional Director for 2008-09. As many of you know, I previously served as chapter president for two years, and was vice-president the year before that. Since joining PWAC, I’ve met some wonderful people, attended great events, and had a nice amount of writing work come my way. So it’s a pleasure for me to continue to serve the Quebec Region in this capacity.

I realize I have some big shoes to fill now that our previous RD, Bruce Wilson, has moved into his new job as national vice-president of PWAC. Congrats to Bruce on his new position! This means that Quebec has two members on the board, a situation that bodes well for making sure our interests are served at the national level.

Your new board has been quite active in the months since we were elected at the National Conference in Winnipeg this past May. We’ve secured an important agreement for next year’s conference, which will be held in Toronto, and new members, including me, are being brought up to speed on PWAC’s national affairs.

Next year’s conference will be held in partnership with MagNet 2009, a major Canadian magazine conference. You may recall that PWAC sponsored a lunch at this year’s MagNet. John Degen, our executive director, handed out PWAC’s first Editor of the Year award at the event. We received a wonderful reception from everyone at MagNet and our winner was thrilled with his award.

Partnering with MagNet means our members will be able to take part in workshops and events that include some of the biggest names in Canadian magazines. It will also raise PWAC’s profile within the industry, and save us on conference costs. These benefits are an addition to the usual slate of great events that are part of every PWAC National Conference.

Next year’s conference will be held the first weekend of June, and room rates will be lower than what we’re used to seeing. All that to say I hope you’ll plan to attend next year’s conference.

I’ll continue to update you throughout the year with important board business, and will be sure to seek advice and feedback from all of you. Please feel free to get in touch with me anytime at 514-274-3985 or at I really want to hear from you.

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