The Write Stuff: May ’08 inter-association networking event

Report by John Symon

Local PWAC members participated in a networking event on Thursday, May 22. The Write Stuff! A Networking Event for Montreal Communication Professionals was held at the Hotel Europa on Drummond Street, co-hosted by:

  • American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), Canada Chapter
  • Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC), Quebec/Atlantic Branch
  • Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC), Quebec Chapter
  • Quebec Writers’ Federation (QWF)
  • Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec (AELAQ)
  • Society for Technical Communication (STC Montreal)

Each of the co-hosts set up tables where information was available about the respective organizations and members were on hand to answer questions. An estimated 200 people turned up for the free evening event, most of them curious about the writing market (including editing and translation) in and around Montreal.

A representative from each of the co-hosts gave a short speech about their organization. PWAC Montreal chapter president Giancarlo La Giorgia spoke for PWAC. Also speaking was former PWAC member Emru Townsend, now afflicted by leukemia, who appealed for potential bone marrow donors. More information is available at:

Giancarlo considered the event a success, the opportunity more than worth the reasonable $160 cost for PWAC to participate. He also suggested that The Write Stuff proved a good opportunity to network with other groups whose members might find PWAC an attractive alternative or addition to their current professional affiliation(s).

Meanwhile, Giancarlo is working with the heads of the other hosting organizations to see whether The Write Stuff would be viable as an annual event.

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