The Quebec Exec – 2009-2010

Your executive members are:

Giancarlo La Giorgia, president, PWAC member since 2005
Giancarlo is a freelance writer, editor and videographer, born and raised (and, against all odds, working) in Montreal. He is the author of a Canadian bestseller, Canadian War Heroes: Ten Profiles in Courage and a graduate of Concordia University’s journalism program, class of 2004.

Ian Howarth, vice-president, PWAC member since 2003
Ian is a former high school teacher who works mostly as a freelance journalist, doing special section work for The Gazette and covering the West Island for weekly newspapers. Being a member of PWAC has helped him to become more professional over the years, benefiting from the wisdom and experience of other members.

Marijke Vroomen-Durning, membership chairperson, PWAC member since 2007
Marijke (pronounced muh-RYE-kah) is a Montrealer, born and bred. A registered nurse by training and with many years of experience, she eased her way into medical and health writing, and now freelances full-time. No longer working clinically, she tries to keep the nursing part of her active by writing patient education and health-care consumer type of texts, although she does write for professionals as well.

Lorri Benedik, treasurer, PWAC member since 2003
Lorri is a Montreal freelancer who writes prose as well as light verse and has a serious penchant for humour. As she begins her third one-year term as treasurer, Lorri continues to hope that no one asks where she hid the money…or the body.

John Symon, programming chairperson, PWAC member since 2001
John’s recent writings range from cycling race reports to technical ramblings about transportation fuels to guidebooks of where to take kids around Montreal. Although he has served as a delegate to a PWAC AGM (Vancouver last year), this is his first experience on the executive.

Elizabeth Johnston, chapter ambassador, PWAC member since 2000
Elizabeth is a freelance writer and writing instructor at Concordia University. She is the author of a creative non-fiction book, No Small Potatoes: A Journey.


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