Pub Nite, with PWAC’s new executive director – March 10, 2009

By Tracey Arial

Last March, the traditional PWAC pub night included a special guest—David Johnston, PWAC’s new executive director. About 15 of us joined Craig Silverman to raise a pint with David at the Irish Embassy Pub on Bishop Street. Some of us were curious about David’s literary-agent past, while others (okay, me) asked him all sorts of details about political campaigning. (David ran for the Green Party in Ontario.)

We also talked about the future of PWAC and a slew of fun potential projects, like marketing our own database of works to compete with major publishers, a professional-style magazine, and how the magazine task force might help create the possibility of fair contracts for freelancers. David kept up an enthusiastic banter throughout and even travelled from chair to chair to make sure that he spoke at length with as many people as possible. I can’t speak for everyone else there, but the event made me feel good about being part of an active group of people who are working hard to change the world.


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