The Bonjour Effect Hits The New York Times

Congratulations to PWACer and Quebec Chapter President Julie Barlow for having her book The Bonjour Effect listed in The New York Times!

Julie and her husband, Jean-Benoît Nadeau, uncover the secret codes of the fine art of French conversation in this book. It’s a must-read for anyone learning or already fluent in French.

Julie will be in London, England, this summer to talk about The Bonjour Effect. If you find yourself in those parts near the end of June, consider attending one of her talks.

• Daunt Books – Hampstead Heath – 19 June, 6.30 PM.

• Queen’s Park Bookshop – 20 June, 7.00 PM.

• The French Institute – 21 June, 7.00 PM.

• West End Lane Bookshop – 22 June, 7.30 PM.


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