Content Marketing vs. Journalism with Quebec Journalist David Desjardins

Content Marketing versus Journalism: Can you do both?

Can journalists do content marketing without compromising their impartiality? The question hit the Quebec news in December 2015 when Le Devoir abruptly cancelled the column of journalist David Desjardins after discovering he ran a content marketing agency. Desjardins will speak to PWAC Quebec about La Flèche, the agency he founded in 2014. He’ll explain how he combines content marketing with a career as a successful magazine and TV columnist and blogger (L’actualité, ArTVRadio-Canada) and answer questions about opportunities for anglo writers interested in working with Quebec’s content marketing agencies.

Presentation by Quebec journalist David Desjardins

November 16, 2016

7pm – 9pm

Atwater Library

1200 Avenue Atwater, Westmount

Auditorium, 2nd floor

Admission $10: Free for PWAC members

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