Member Spotlight – Carl Bindman

Carl BindmanWhy do you do the kind of writing you do?

‘Cause I think Journalism is the best way to be forced to write a bunch, about a bunch, in a bunch of different ways. That’s how I’m going to get good. I could be wrong, of course. But I’m an undergrad student, writing/editing for my student paper, and learning and making mistakes. Being wrong is part of my job.

How do you deal with writers’ block? If you don’t experience writers’ block, why is that? What’s your secret?

Deadlines. I won’t know what to write, or I’ll start writing and it’ll be bad, but writing something bad isn’t as bad as writing nothing and letting down my peers. But also I’ve found when I’m writing a news story or something, like, more real(?), it’s harder to get stuck than writing fiction or a play. There’s always that real story I’m trying to tell that provides guidance.

What’s the most unusual thing that you have experienced in writing, researching or interviewing for a story?

Uh. Well I wrote a story about snow cricket, which was pretty out there. And the way I went about it was by playing on one of the teams. And that  was unusual. And, when I was playing I dislocated my shoulder, which was also odd for a writing gig.

If you could interview anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Jon Stewart. There really aren’t a lot of successful white Jewish male writer/comedians, and I want to know his secret as a white Jewish male writer/comedian in solidarity. No but seriously I just want to pick his brain about how to help people care about things that matter. He helped me care about things that matter. That’s why I write.

What made you want to join PWAC originally? What’s the best thing about being a PWAC member?

I’m a student studying to work in a, y’know, difficult and competitive industry. If there’s anything I can have that’ll help me survive as a writer when I graduate and become a Professional Writer, I’ll take it. And, so far, while I haven’t taken advantage of a lot of the perks of my membership, just knowing that there’s a community out there is comforting. That enough working writers exist in Canada for there to be an association (I know it’s obvious and a bit silly, but still) gives me hope that I’ll end up as one of them.

If you were given $40,000 to fulfill a life-long dream, what would that be and why?

Invest it, so when I inevitably move to New York City I’ll have a few months of padding before I go broke.

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