Magnet Conference Recaps

By Pam Kapoor

MagNetProfessional development for a freelancer is a tricky thing. First, there’s the budget question. Then there’s the matter of which opportunity offers the most value. I gambled this year on my first MagNet conference, enticed by the PWAC member discount and a couple of compelling session titles. It was good to get out of my bubble and meet peers in real-life (as opposed to online personas) and to flex those social muscles that atrophy for so many of us work-from-home creatives.

Like a dutiful networker, I exchanged lots of business cards and am feeling motivated by the potential of new connections. As for the learning, I mostly chose the right workshops. In a spare moment soon, I’ll transform my messy notes into concrete action and review the handy session takeaways  compiled by organizers. But more than garnering some useful tips on my craft and career, I’m most appreciative of having met fellow PWAC members and mustering the confidence to imagine I’m worthy and capable of pursuing new directions with my writing. 


 By Helen Wolkowicz

2014-07-10 MagNet2The MagNet conference provided some outstanding workshops that offered concrete strategies and tactics for freelance writers. This information is extremely beneficial  and allows me to implement new methods and approaches to grow my business. 

The keynote speaker offered fascinating insights to the evolving media landscape and the publishing industry.

Sharing experiences and knowledge with other freelancers, as well as meet publishers rounded out the conference wonderfully.




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