The Business of Writing with Peter Diekmeyer

Written by Olivia Kona

Peter DiekmeyerPWAC Quebec presents a professional development seminar, THE BUSINESS OF WRITING with Peter Diekmeyer, on TUESDAY, MARCH 11, 2014 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at the Thomas More Institute, 3405 Atwater Ave, Montreal, Quebec H3H 1Y2.

It’s not easy looking at a blank computer screen while waiting for the words to flow and then wrestling with first drafts. And that’s besides the numerous edits! A freelance writer’s mixed bag of tricks includes so much more. We also have to deal with running our own business, attracting ideal clients, and learning to set boundaries when working from home.

Peter Diekmeyer, a PWAC Quebec member, will demystify writers’ best plans of action and explains in his own words what his timely professional development seminar will cover:

If you decide to hang up your shingle as a writer, to be effective, you need to focus as much on the business part, as on the writing part. In this presentation/seminar, we will exchange ideas about:

• How to run a writing business
• How to land and deal with clients
• How to balance your home and work life.

ALL are welcome

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