Feature member: Tracey Arial

traceyarialTracey Arial moved to Montreal to become a writer right after paying off her student loan in 1993.

You’ve probably seen her byline in the Suburban lately, where she writes community stories about LaSalle, Verdun and the west end of Montreal plus occasional investigative pieces about government injustice.

Her first book, “I Volunteered: Canadian Vietnam Vets Remember,” featured soldiers who fought for the U.S. military in the 1960s. She’s also spent lots of time hiking, skiing and cycling in Ontario to write guidebooks for Ulysses and the Trans Canada Trail Association. She’s also still trying to finish a non-fiction work about World War II she started years ago and a mystery gardening novel so that she can begin tackling a series of historical novels about Canada.

In addition, she writes magazine articles, speeches and newsletters and has a reputation as “the world’s least-technical technical writer.”

Lots of volunteering for PWAC at the chapter and national level garnered Tracey the Lawrence Jackson Award in 2009. Since then, she’s written a manual to encourage writers to take government action individually too. The old version is available as a PDF download on her website, but it’s currently being updated, if you want to wait until the spring to get a copy.

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