Featured member: Mark Cardwell

Mark CardwellMark Cardwell is a veteran freelance journalist and writer who lives close to the Mont St. Anne ski centre, a half-hour drive east of Quebec City.  Born and raised in Midland, Ontario, he is a graduate of the University of Toronto and a former journalist, editor and officer in the Canadian Forces.  Since embarking on a freelance career in 1993, he has written hundreds of news and feature stories on a wide variety of subjects for publications across Canada and around the world.  Many of his stories have won or been nominated for national writing prizes, including the Canadian Business Press Awards, the National Newspaper Awards and PWAC’s own annual writing awards.  He is also the author of Raymond Malenfant: L’Ascension, a 2003 French-language biography that chronicles the life and times of the fallen Quebec business icon.  Married and the father of two teenaged boys, Mark’s literary interests include – but are not limited to – academia, agriculture, business, biographies, defence, health care, industry, law, medicine, tourism, transportation and universities.

Though not overly active in PWAC, Mark is proud to be a member of an organization that defends the rights of freelancers and lends both professional credibility and public stature to an industry that often lacks both.

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