PWAC member stands up for freelancers’ rights


Ann Douglas leaves Toronto Star

anndouglasPWAC member Ann Douglas, whose wisdom reassures new parents in her best-selling series of pregnancy and childcare books, has recently parted ways with the Toronto Star. The reason, she says, was the newspaper’s request to reuse her work without her permission and without any additional compensation. This clause would have granted the Star, its affiliates and unspecified “others” full rights to any of her work, leaving Douglas without any say or control over how it might be used.

As a long-time member and former President, Ann has championed for the rights of freelance writers. Without standing up to corporations, she fears that writing will become “a quaint hobby as opposed to a respected profession.”

She writes about all the unpleasantness on The Story Board (even though her TO editors were nice and understanding). We thank her for her courage.

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  1. Bruce Wilson says:

    Ann has always stuck to her principles and in leaving the Star, she shows us how far she will go. I too thank her for her bravery.

    Bruce Wilson

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