Radio, graphic novels, advertising: short format writing

The McGill Writing Centre has another workshop on offer.

From Idea to Paper: A Fundamental Primer for Writing in Short Formats
While many courses cover more standard forms of writing — poetry, short fiction, novels, essays — few empower writers with skills to tackle writing in other media. Building the skills to write for short formats, and for varied media, also creates a toolbox that writers find useful for future projects of all stripes, as well as increasing their versatility and thereby their confidence.

Co-presented by The McGill Writing Centre, this one-day overview will cover the fundamentals of writing for three mediums — radio, graphic novels and advertising – with a facilitator who has worked extensively in all three. This workshop will provide participants with the take away of a clear understanding of how to use these three different writing styles effectively.

The objective of the course is not to provide participants with in-depth knowledge of each of the fields, but to empower them with a general awareness of whether or not the types of writing used for these media engage their creativity and talents, and to provide them with some tools that may inform their writing across the board. By the end of the day, participants will have a broad overview of the skills required and subtleties inherent in writing for different niche mediums.

Workshop facilitator Matthew Shepherd is a veteran of radio (both community and commercial), journalism and advertising, who has written just about everything – from radio scripts to graphic novels, from advertising copy to long-form journalism. He is currently a creative strategist at a mid-sized national advertising agency, and in his spare time is creating and running Fiction Fights, a short-form fiction battle site.

More information, such as the contact information and registration link can be found at:

Date and Time: Saturday, November 17, 2012, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location: 688 Sherbrooke Street West, #1025
General Public: $124.00 | Students, MCLL Members and McGill Alumni: $99.00 | McGill Staff: $62.00


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  1. ssookman says:

    This workshop is offered by the mcgill writing center. For more information and registration link go to

  2. ssookman says:

    This workshop is offered by the mcgill writing center. For more information and registration link go to

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