Event recap: Attracting your ideal clients


Vanessa Simpkins on How to Attract Your Ideal Writing Clients

By Stephanie O’Hanley

Simpkins, author of From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops, knows what it’s like to struggle. After declaring bankruptcy she says she ended up miserable in a tiny 1 ½ apartment she not so affectionately called “the Bronx.”

Simpkins’s ticket out of “the Bronx” was to set specific goals and use the law of attraction to make them happen. She wanted to make $1,000 a week, live in Hawaii, have a flexible schedule and travel the world. And she made it all happen.

Stints as an in-store presenter selling lint removers and $40 mops taught Simpkins a lot about marketing and attracting customers.

These days Simpkins coaches people working in holistic fields and she recently spoke at a TEDx Westmount conference.

PWAC Quebec Chapter VP Olivia Kona (left) thanks business guru Vanessa Simpkins.

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is not being clear about who their ideal clients are, Simpkins says. “The law of attraction works on what you focus on.” Simpkins told us to put our attention, energy and focus on what we want, had us list qualities of ideal clients and create intentions (like affirmations) to attract what we want. To allow things to happen, she advised us to turn off any doubts in our minds.

Simpkins urges entrepreneurs to create marketing plans “to reach people on a consistent basis.” To attract clients and build client lists, tap into tools, for instance, create e-mail lists and newsletters, offer a free service, gift or discount or create a video series, she suggested.

To reach Vanessa Simpkins or for more information, visit http://fullpowergrowth.com.


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