Job offer: Writers Wanted


Hello PWAC Quebec,

The following message was recently received by one of our members, who asked us to pass it along to the general membership.

I found your e-mail on Our team consists of 2 hard-working young entrepreneurs from Montreal, Canada. Our expertise relies in building technology related startups/ businesses and also running viral marketing strategies.

We need a strong, professional writer to write content for our new app + website [creative content (to hype, to create a healthy buzz/impression)].

It is a daily deal related project with a little twist to it that makes our idea unique, fun and creative.

Your job relies in developing good content to attract readers and viewers, hype our services and impress the big boys in the industry. If you think you have the expertise and the time available to take on this job, we can discuss more about it and move forward as soon as possible.

Let me know if you are interested, looking forward to start immediately as we have a few deadlines to meet.
Best regards,
Anthony Katz
TDA Enterprises

P.S.: looks a bit similar to our website. Take a look how they’ve done a good job putting into life their:  “Fab it” function, “Make You Smile” category, “:)” at the top and!

At the end of the day, our goal is to focus our visuals, slogans, punch-lines and web content on what differentiates us from other tech sites. The creative twist of your writings and marketing will focus on that. Otherwise there’s no point on having a cool site, idea or visual with un-focused creative content.

Send a note to TDA Enterprises for more information.


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