Ad-free journalism site now LIVE

best story header image, the brainchild of Montreal freelance journalist Warren Perley is now live! If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Warren spoke at our boot camp event last May.

The site is dedicated to original, long-form journalism (each story is 1,500-12,000+ words and has multiple graphics) and operates as a pay-as-you-go model. Readers can download individual stories  for 40 cents each via PayPal. Yes, 40 cents – you can’t even get a cup of coffee for a dollar.

The site has launched with 10 stories on a variety of subjects to give readers and writers an idea of the site’s scope and depth. Among the first stories you will find on the site:

• A detailed analysis showing the similarities between the beliefs and policies of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and President Barack Obama
• A detailed analysis of abortion law in North America and Europe by world renowned Australian bioethicist Margaret Somerville of McGill University
• An intimate interview with American rock icon Daryl Hall and a tour of his refurbished 24-room, Colonial-era farmhouse in New York  state
• The amazing story of an Hungarian bodybuilder who survived five Nazi bullets in the dying days of World War II, and what we can learn from the Nazi experience
• A trail ride with the world’s oldest cowboy through the rugged Alberta badlands
• A young athlete’s secret to beating cancer five times
• An analysis of the basis on which future legal challenges could be mounted to artificial fluoridation of public drinking water

Visit for the free teasers of all these stories…and more.

Interested in contributing? Click here!


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