Writing/editing services required for book about politics, business and technology

A business consultant has contacted one of our members about hiring a writer to help finish a book about politics, business and technology in Western society.

At present, the book is currently 500 pages. There are another 100 pages of reference material that yet to consolidate into various chapters. The final word count is estimated/expected to be around 310 000 words.

Given the scope and work required, some in-person contact is necessary, so he requires a writer who lives in the region between St-Sauveur and Montreal.

The book contains three parts:

  1. A review of the current paradigms that westerners hold on a variety of issues from 9/11, money, media, health, education, history, etc.. 14 chapters (Topics). This is written from the perspective of a business consultant who is doing an objective analysis of the environment and has had a major wake-up call. This section finishes with the conclusion that our civilization is at a turning point where we either fall back to the command and control structure of tyranny or take our place and embrace the emergence of the collaborative tools to re-design the future.
  2. Coverage of basic business practices, how they would apply to governing society and thus resolve the issues identified in part 1.
  3. A discussion of how current and developing technology allows the masses to get engaged and make the identified changes from part 2 a reality and effectively re-align the social systems with our technological level hopefully addressing Einstein’s concern: “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

Anyone interested should contact Mr. Grant Elder.


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