PWAC seeks new members

While the purpose of this site is to communicate with members of PWAC Quebec, there are some subscribers who are not members. If you are one of those non-PWAC subscribers, then this post is directed at you. And if you are a member, then this post is meant for people in your network who might consider joining.

If you have been thinking about joining PWAC, this is the time to do it. In an effort to reach 700 members nationwide, PWAC is offering a special membership promotion: 18 months for the price of an annual membership. If you sign up before March 31 you will be paid up in full until the end of August 2013 – I can’t even think that far ahead.

Thanks to a (finally received) grant, the re-launch of 2.0 database is planned for June, in conjunction with PWAC’s AGM in Toronto. 2.0 is not just another database – it is an electronic marketplace that will connect Canada’s freelance writers with publishers and clients, enabling you to pitch, negotiate and sell new and existing works.

But there’s more! All new and returning members are entitled to a 1 free workshop at MagNet, the country’s national conference for the magazine industry, and you’ll be entered into a draw for a full, free MagNet package. Curious about what you can get out of MagNet? Here’s a sample of what’s on the PD menu.

  • Query Letters That Get You Published: Learn how to write query letters that will get you published in a wide range of magazines. In this session, writers will learn from a panel of editors working for publications with distinct types of audience, brand, and circulation.
  • Multimedia Storytelling: Learn how to work as a writer and reporter in a world where online and digital platforms are as vital as traditional print and broadcast journalism. In this instructional workshop writers will learn to develop their own projects in written, audio, and video form.
  • The Niceties of Niche: Lifestyle Writing Markets: The strategy of narrow-casting in both publishing and personal blogs generates new opportunities. Hear from three writers as they discuss moving between the world of blogs, magazines and books in popular markets that link across platforms. Taking food, fitness, and travel/adventure writing as case studies, our experts will address key questions.
  • The Boardroom Bounce: Breaking into Corporate Writing A lucrative world of opportunity exists for the corporate writer, whether writing copy, sales reports, white papers, company blogs, brochures, or an array of other in-demand internal and external communications for companies large and small. Listen to the advice and skills of a seasoned speaker who has made these transitions and grown her/his business to become a sought-after writer in these worlds.

Members and non-members alike might want to take a look at PWAC member Doreen Pendgracs’s blog. She has a particular perspective on the writing life and how PWAC fits in and has been part of her success. Do read the comments to her post as well.

So, if you are not yet a PWAC member, do take a look at the PWAC National website for the full details of the membership drive. If you are, share this with your friends!


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