Message from PWAC Quebec’s new RD

The Executive of PWAC Quebec would like to take this opportunity to inform members that we have a new Regional Director. Bruce Wilson has stepped in to fill some very big shoes, but we think he can handle it. As you’ll see from his letter of introduction below, he’s done this before!

I am honoured once again to be serving as your regional director on the PWAC National Board of Directors. When Jenn Hardy announced her departure from the Board for personal reasons, Sandy and Craig approached me with a request to serve out her term for the 2011-12 year. I gladly accepted. My previous term on the Board was from mid-2005, when I took over as RD for Quebec from Heather Grace Stewart, to 2009. My last two years were served as vice-president.

I’m thrilled to be back on such a strong, experienced, and visionary Board. One of my key tasks this year will be to oversee the completion of PWAC’s Policy Manual and Board Manual, two projects that were started several years ago by Tanya Gulliver and never quite got finished.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been a PWAC member since 1995. I’m a science and medical writer who writes primarily for the continuing medical education market, the medical device industry, and occasionally for the lay media. My other interests are social justice, climate justice, and social ecology. I’m a strong advocate of writers’ rights, especially the right to be paid fairly for a job well done. I might add that I love good literature, music, and art; not to mention PWAC parties!

Don’t hesitate to contact me with your thoughts, concerns, or questions. As I did the last time I was RD, I’d like to keep an open line of communication with all Quebec members and get to know you better.

Bruce Wilson

Ste-Adèle, Quebec

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