Online course: Flesh Out Your Novel

If you’ve always wanted to write a novel but were afraid to start (it’s 100 ooo words, after all!) this just might be for you.

QWF and EAC member Jacqueline Snider is offering her online course, Flesh Out Your Novel: Organizing the Meat. Here’s her course description:

While writing your book you might be struggling with how to keep your story moving, how to keep your readers engaged and how to create vibrant characters.

Using techniques drawn from the art of screenwriting, my course is designed to help you write your novel so that your readers stay engaged from the beginning of your book to the end.

My online course, starting September 5th, 2011, will include a series of 6 online workshops designed to help you flesh out the meat of your novel:

  • Discovering Your Units of Dramatic Action (September 5th, 2011),
  • Establishing Your Pivotal Points and Actions (September 12th, 2011),
  • Clarifying Your Character’s Motivation (September 19th, 2011),
  • Clarifying Your Units of Dramatic Action (September 26th, 2011),
  • Organizing Your Story: What’s the Mid-point? (October 3rd, 2011), and
  • Choosing Your Ending: Does it Make Sense and Why? (October 10th, 2011).

Each Monday, from September 5th to October 10th, I will email you ideas, questions and a video you can use to discover the meat of your story. My instructional videos give you valuable information and practical examples about each week’s workshop material.

You can work on the ideas and questions throughout the week and respond to me by the next Monday workshop. I will then give you feedback and suggestions that will help you move on to the next week’s workshop material.

The course fee is $210.00, plus $10.50 (GST) and $18.74 (PST) = $239.24CAD  Spaces are limited, so register early to avoid disappointment.

For more information, send Jacqueline an email ( and/or visit her blog for her regular posts on writing and editing:


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