National Conference and Seminar info

National Conference

Clear your calendar for the weekend of June 17-19! PWAC’s National Conference will be held in Montreal at Concordia’s downtown campus.

The professional development line-up promises to enlighten, inspire, and get those creative juices flowing! From how to pitch to an editor, or sell your book idea, to medical writing and trade magazines, to how to think like an entrepreneur, there’s a seminar that’s sure to blaze your writing career path! Visit PWAC’s eventbrite page for a complete descriptions and registration info. Click here to see the complete schedule of events.

  • Hint: volunteer for the conference and we’ll thank you with one free seminar! If you’d like to volunteer, send a quick note to PWAC Quebec. And PWAC members are entitled to a $50 subsidy if you attend as a delegate – the PWAC Quebec chapter has are only two delegate spots left!

Seminar: Writing is a Business

The Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) in partnership with the Canadian Freelance Union (CFU) will host a professional development opportunity that is not to be missed on Friday, June 17th, from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm, at Concordia University in Montreal, QC. Come join us and experts on contracts, negotiating for advantage, and pursuing your rights in practical terms when you arrive at a standoff with a troublesome client.

Be one of only 25 people to consult directly with a highly experienced faculty on the specifics of your business model and how to make it work best for you. This is a truly unique opportunity that CFU and PWAC subsidies are making available well below cost. For the special CFU & PWAC pricing of $100, emerge with a much better understanding of your options and with new skills to apply for success after attending our Writing is a Business seminar.

The Curriculum

  • Freelance Contracts with Claude Brunet & Warren Sheffer.  Examine examples of current contracts and outline the key clauses and their effects. Receive coaching on how to construct your own contract, explore how contracts might be amended in the negotiation process and provide models for the handling of electronic rights.
  • Negotiating for Yourself with Christine Kelsey.  Enhance your understanding of the practice of negotiation and discover how effective negotiation can best work for you in obtaining favourable terms. Learn the general principles and styles of bargaining, including Positional Bargaining, Principled Bargaining, Rights-based and Interest-based. Explore how and why the negotiation process can successfully produce writer/publisher agreements and practical negotiating skills, including participation, in a negotiation exercise. Discover approaches to mediation and arbitration when there is a dispute over negotiated terms.
  • Using Small Claims Court with Warren Sheffer.  Understand the steps involved in bringing a claim with a view to resolving contractual disputes. Discussion will focus on gathering documentary evidence, drafting and serving claims, as well as preparing offers-to-settle and tips for how to conduct yourself during settlement conferences and trials. An examination of certain rules of procedure common in different jurisdictions across the country will also be provided.

The Faculty

  • Claude Brunet – One of Canada’s top copyright lawyers with decades of experience representing creators’ interests.
  • Chris Kelsey – A labour relations professional with expertise in negotiation and mediation and a course that includes practical exercises in getting what you want.
  • Warren Sheffer – A leading advocate with experience in contracts and their interpretation and defense in court as a last resort.

To register online visit: or contact PWAC Associate Director Lauren Stewart at (416) 504-1645 ext. 1 or **Registration includes a light continental breakfast and lunch.


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