Montreal International Poetry Prize: $50 000

This came in via the QWF. Now we’re sharing it with PWAC Quebec members…

New $50,000 Poetry Competition Based on Global, Grassroots Model

MONTREAL, 29 March 2011 – A group of leading poets from around the world has organized the biggest poetry competition in history. The new Montreal International Poetry Prize will award $50,000 for a single poem of 40 lines or fewer, written in any English dialect. Designed to bring more attention to poetry and to encourage people from all over the world to enter their poems, the not-for-profit Montreal Prize represents a major contribution to the global cultural scene.

To reflect its global perspective, the Montreal Prize has assembled an editorial board of accomplished poets from Australia, Canada, England, Guyana, India, Jamaica, Malawi, Nigeria, Northern Ireland and the US. These poets will select 50 poems for the competition’s shortlist, which will be published in a unique global poetry anthology, representing the very latest work from around the world. From these finalists, Andrew Motion, the 2011 prize judge and former UK poet laureate, will select the winner of the $50,000 prize.

“We’re hoping readers will find it especially valuable to consider the idea of ‘global poetry’,” says Asa Boxer, a Montreal poet and Montreal Prize co-founder. “Poets and poetry scenes tend to be nationally-minded. We created this project, in part, to broaden the horizons of our reading.”

Funding for the project has been organized in an innovative manner, and along the lines of cutting-edge social entrepreneurship, according to Len Epp, another Montreal Prize co-founder. “While the prize amount has been guaranteed by a generous ‘catalyst’ donor,” says Mr. Epp, “our not-for-profit model is based on a blend of sponsorship and the principles of community funding.”

“Crucially, all poems will be judged anonymously – that is, the judges will have no idea whose work they’re reading, or where the author is from,” adds Mr. Epp. “In this way we hope to discover new voices and level the playing field for everyone who enters the competition.”

The early entry deadline for the competition is April 22.

For more information on the Montreal International Poetry Prize, contact Len Epp or visit You can also read more about us here at the Huffington Post and here at Poets & Writers.

About the Montreal International Poetry Prize
The Montreal International Poetry Prize is a grassroots, not-for-profit organization committed to promoting poetry and poets around the world. It manages the world’s biggest poetry competition, offering a $50,000 prize for a single poem.

Media Contact:
Len Epp
Director, Montreal International Poetry Prize
Tel: +1 514-750-8678

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