Job offer: Managing editor QuickSeries Publishing

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1535355 – Managing Editor

We are the QuickSeries- the leaders in publishing pocket-size informational booklets. We publish booklets providing solutions for issues dealing with health and wellness, sports, safety, Government programs, Military Affairs and much more.

Our guides are used by police officers, soldiers, health care providers, wellness program managers, safety officers, etc. We make over 500 titles, summarizing important issues in health and well being, financial management, safety and security, sports and fitness, and special interest. We also publish custom publications for many different government agencies and companies.

We are a full service publisher, specializing in only one type of book- the QuickSeries.

At QuickSeries Publishing we value:

– Passion for knowledge/personal growth
– Efficiency and getting to the point
– Quality and consistency of product
– Dedication to truth, accuracy and credibility
– The ability to act, adapt and respond

Position description :
We are looking for a highly organized, detail-oriented individual with project management experience in publishing to assist the Editor in chief in developing The QuickSeries collection. 

Under the supervision of the Editor in chief, your main responsibility will be to coordinate the research, design and review process of about 30 new publications a year, liaising with graphic designers (in-house or freelance), authors, editors, account managers and from time to time, clients. 

(Please note that the position does NOT include the PRODUCTION aspects of publishing i.e.: contacts and follow-up with printer and other suppliers.)

To fulfill your main responsibility, you will be required to:

– Perform thorough research and editing to turn various existing material into QuickSeries manuscripts
– Perform copy-editing and proofreading functions to ensure the publications are factually and grammatically correct.
– Update existing publications before reprint.
– Update and work with the QuickSeries style checklist to ensure consistency of presentation.
– Code manuscripts for design features, for example hierarchy of headings, for use by the design team.
– Monitor the research/design/review processes (from manuscript to pre-press) using an in-house database-driven system.
– Update product information for our Web site.

Required skills :

Technical expertise :

Essential :    Excellent written and spoken english.
Essential :    Copy-editing/proofreading skills.
Essential :    Project management.
Essential :    Research/fact finding skills.
Important :    Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word.
General criteria :

Essential :    At least 2 year experience of project management in publishing
Essential :    Proven experience (portfolio) delivering consistently high-level publications to an agreed schedule
Essential :    Highly-organized, methodological approach with strong attention to detail
Essential :    Ability to function efficiently in a multi-project environment
Asset :    Worked with U.S. market
Other requirements : 1. We are a small, fast-growing company. You must be comfortable working with a small team, performing tasks all across the spectrum of editing, from proofreading to supervising and coordinating the work of others.

2. Our publications deal with many different topics, from health and fitness to trade specialties. A curious and open mind is definitely an asset.

Apply for this position…
By internet :    Click here
By mail :    1855 St-Régis Dollar-des-Ormeaux Québec Canada H9B 2M9
By fax :    514-685-7976


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