Scintillating syntax

The Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC) is holding a one-day seminar titled The Secrets of Syntax.

We’ve all flipped a sentence around, or dismantled it and then recombined it, only to discover better clarity, emphasis, or flow. Why does that happen, and how can we become more adept at manipulating word order—or syntax—to improve prose? This seminar looks at syntax from various angles, including how to shape it for different documents and readers. Topics covered include subordination and coordination, periodic versus cumulative sentences, proximity of subject and verb, echo words, and special techniques such as ellipsis and isolation.

Frances Peck is a Vancouver-based editor, writer and instructor who has taught editing and writing for over 20 years. She prepared the Canadian edition of The St. Martin’s Workbook, a university-level grammar exercise book; recently completed Peck’s English Pointers, an e-book for the Translation Bureau; and is a regular columnist for the periodical Language Update. A member of West Coast Editorial Associates, Frances is also an instructor with the Print Futures program (Douglas College) and the Writing and Publishing program (Simon Fraser University).

The Where & When

PWAC members are entitled to the EAC member rate, which is $160 until October 8, or $190 thereafter; registration closes on October 29. Continental breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks included.

For more information, contact Barbara Dylla.


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