Where did June go, anyway?

PWAC Quebec, your web coordinator has returned from a few days in the Green Mountains. You can rest assured that chapter news will get passed on in a timely manner.

June rushed by faster than a desperate bride in a church aisle. MagNet and the AGM are but faint memories, receipts to stash for next year’s tax return. In addition to Father’s Day, end-of-school and graduation celebrations, a few PWAC Quebec members squeezed in some schmoozing at a Board of Trade event.

On June 15th, Prez and Vice-Prez Ian Howarth and Lorraine Mallinder attended a Montreal Board of Trade event with PWAC Quebec members Malcolm McLean, Laurent Castelucci, and Frederic Hore. One thing is certain about these events: all the attendees are there for the purposes of networking to expand their businesses. Like the first event we attended in May, PWAC was promoted as a professional organization that can assist businesses with their communications needs.

(L to R) Ian Howarth, Malcolm McLean, Laurent Castelucci and Lorraine Mallinder. Photo by Frederic Hore.

Though it looks like they were all having a sweet ol’ time, they networked hard. There was a general feeling of interest in writers; those who talked to our representatives had no knowledge of PWAC and were happy to know that such a resource existed.

Some of the organizations that are now aware of PWAC are:

  • Director of Special Events, Canadian Liver Foundation
  • Development Officer, Communications and Fundraising, Care Canada
  • Communications Consultant
  • President, Eventide event co-ordination
  • President, Client Relation Solutions, Contactik
  • President of the Ordre des Infirmières et Infirmiers de Québec (OIIQ)
  • President and Artistic Director of FOR, a design planning firm
  • R&D consultant of M4S, an R&D strategy consulting firm based in Quebec City, that is entering the Montreal market
  • Director, Precision Recruitment, specialized in accounting and finance
  • Operations Manager for a travel tour organizer
  • Asokan Solutions de bureau
  • Lunalogic Canada, A French investment analysis firm that has set up in Montreal as its base for the North American market
  • Directrice of BCS Investigations. She was there with two of her colleagues. They specialize in corporate investigation, looking into people who might be falsely claiming benefits. They also handle the marital sector – adultery, divorce, custody
  • Leadership Coach and Trainer
  • Groupe Viau. Insurance and financial services – seemed pretty interested in PWAC, noting the challenge of having to sometimes bridge the gap between legalistic language and more direct communication
  • Serenita Private Spa was terribly nice and is likely to send a couple of her friends to look into membership, as they freelance
  • Triangle D’Art works in wearable promotions. (T-shirts, caps, etc.)
  • Studio Point De Vue, photography
  • Aveos – an airline maintenance company
  • Business Development Manager for an international consulting group, Salveo, which seems in the process of expanding into Montreal and Quebec

Thanks for giving up your time!

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