PWAC AGM highlights

The three days in Toronto are a bit of a blur, with meeting so many new people and workshops to attend and bars to visit. But there are a few things that stand out, most notably the Awards Luncheon held on Friday afternoon.

PWAC Quebec swept the awards, as you know, and here are a few “red carpet” moments of the winners. Thanks to PWAC Quebec President-and-Photographer-in-Residence Ian Howarth for these pictures.

(L to R) Feature winner Jenn Hardy, short feature nominee Wendy Helfenbaum, and short feature runner up Giancarlo La Giorgia.
Regional Volunteer winner Philippa Rispin and new VP Craig Silverman.

During the AGM there was an emotional moment as Bruce Wilson stepped down as PWAC Canada Vice-President. Our own Craig Silverman has big shoes to fill in his new role as VP. Giancarlo La Giorgia takes over as PWAC Quebec Regional Director.

Former PWAC VP Bruce Wilson receives photo of New Orleans jazz legend Louis Armstrong from PWAC president, Tanya Gulliver.

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