Networking event with the Board of Trade


Members, we have chipped off the top of the iceberg.

Last night three executive members attended a gathering of members of the Montreal Board of Trade. Held at the Auberge St-Gabriel in Old Montreal, this was the first event we attended on behalf of the membership. Our goal was two-fold: first to introduce PWAC to the business community; and two, to promote the work of our members and provide leads to potential clients.

Both these goals were accomplished. What’s more, we quickly realized that the attendees had the same goals as we had, and they were friendly and easy to talk to.

To begin, around 100 of the Board’s  members attended the event, and represented a cross section of industries and services: real estate, finance, high-tech, retail, non-profit, law, business services, even a visual artist. Everyone we spoke to was previously unaware of PWAC – and many were interested when they learned what our members do. For exmaple, a woman who runs an event planning firm looked at our newly-created pamphlet and her eyes lit up. “Speeches!” she said. “Often our clients make speeches.”

We also found there are many businesses interested in translation – and we know some of you do just that. We also got a tip from a lawyer in upstate New York who believes there is a lot of potential for marketing the upstate travel and restaurant industries to French-speaking Quebeckers.

We also met a few prospective members which is good news too. More members means more funds in our treasury!

The executive will keep an eye on the Board of Trade events and pass along the info for those that are relevant to you.

The details on these leads will be posted in the password-protected members section in the very near future.

Good night and good luck!

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