Show & Tell recap

A belated posting of new member Jenn Hardy‘s take on PWAC Quebec’s recent Show & Tell event on February 9:

I had no idea what to expect at my first Quebec PWAC show and tell.

I am new to Montreal, new to PWAC and new to freelancing full-time. Part of me didn’t want to go but I dragged myself from the Plateau to NDG because I knew I should.

I had been yearning for some kind of connection and community for the six months that I’ve been in Montreal. I have decided to make my life here (for a while at least) and having friends with common interests is important, right?

I was warmly welcomed by seven long-time PWACers as well as another newbie, Julia Prinselaar. The evening’s host, Marijke Durning made sure we had plenty of coffee or tea to drink and everyone brought baked goods.

I never realized how much writers like to talk. I guess we often spend so much time alone, in front of our computers, that when we get the chance to chat with other people in the industry, it is an opportunity not taken for granted! I really enjoyed listening to what everyone there was up to. Some members were working on translating books, some writing memoirs, others running websites. It was truly inspirational to see that it is actually possible to make a living this way. At the early stage in my freelance career, this is something I sometimes doubt.

A short blog post about the evening can be found here.

Time passed by too quickly and we had only made our way once around the room before we all turned into pumpkins and called it a night. I am very much looking forward to the next show and tell meeting, and the potluck dinner on March 20th (Ed. note: details of which will be posted up soon).


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