All the world’s a script – Play-writing workshop

Some PWAC members have highly reccommened the QWF’s  workshop, DO BE SO DRAMATIC!  YES, YOU CAN WRITE A PLAY!

This is a continuation of the workshop’s fall session led by Montreal’s own Colleen Curran, and newcomers are welcome. The registration deadline is Wednesday, January 13, and – here’s the rub –  space for only 11 budding playwrights.

The workshop description is below.

Mondays, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (January 18 to March 8, 2010)
1200 Atwater Avenue, Suite 3
Workshop fee: $170; $150 for QWF and QDF members.
For more information, or to register: 514-933-0878 or

This will be a Learn-by-Doing-as-You-Go, anecdotal, ease-you-into-it experience that’s not scary or overwhelming and will result in your having a play of some shape, kind, form at the end of the session. The last class will be a showcase with a staged reading of the new works. If you have always wanted to write a play, this may be the workshop for you. I’m quite motivational, coach-like and pushy in a good way. I will get that play out of you if you are willing to try. I am all for deadlines, discipline and contests. Since I have more of a comic bent, at times, there could be more emphasis on comedy.

The workshop will evolve as it goes, based on what everyone hopes to accomplish, be it writing a farce, a mystery, a thriller, a Eugene O’Neill family tragedy, an adaptation or even an anniversary tribute extravaganza for a beloved relative.  It’s going to be great fun. MATERIALS: For the first class, bring a big empty Notebook. It’s going to be full by the end of eight weeks and it will be all your doing.


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