Be your own newsman… the future of the news business

The future of news is entrepreneurial.

That’s the idea put forth by journalism teacher, blogger, and author Jeff Jarvis. The old world order (that the news is controlled by media corporations) is crumbling away and a new one will grow in its place – a world in which every John or Jane Doe with a computer can churn out news.

Sounds like he’s got a point, considering the plight of newspapers (most recently La Presse), the pleas from television networks and the closures of local television stations. Then there’s the blogosphere, where the Jane and John Does of the world punch out their opinions via their keyboards. Jarvis believes that journalism students should write their own news, essentially creating their own media companies.

His point is that it’s time to re-think the journalist’s place in the news room.  Instead of moaning and groaning about newspapers (corporations) losing money, journalists have an opportunity to create their own media empires.

There are a lot of ideas covered in Jarvis’s post on his own blog. Just read it.


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