New Blogging Networks…with a PWAC connection!

PWAC member Marijke Vroomen-Durning and her business parter Gayla Baer have launched two new blogging networks, and The networks aim to simplify blogging for both content creators (the bloggers) and the consumers (the readers).  Readers have a wealth of topics to choose from on Gadabout Media: book reviews, entertainment news, parenting, pets, beauty, gardening, and much more, and all of it in a format for the everyday Internet user. similarly targets all aspects of health and wellness and offers jargon-free content written by real people with real experiences.

Bloggers in the network gain the advantage of strength in numbers. As Vroomen-Durning explains,  “Calling the network a cooperative network is a way to draw attention to how each blogger contributes to its success. Writers want to feel that they have some control over their work and, in our mind, this is the best way to give them that control.”

Rumor has it that Vroomen-Durning and Baer are looking for more bloggers. You might want to contact them. Click here for the official press release.


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