Life, post-Mediaville

In case you missed it, or are just feeling nostalgic, you’ll find some photos from Mediaville’s inaugural event on the website. Both attendees and speakers were impressed with the event, and everyone who helped out should toast themselves with a glass of champagne for a job well done!

A few things attendees had to say about mediaville:

“Mediaville was a wonderful opportunity to meet with colleagues from other writing organizations while learning about different aspects of the writing business. I particularly liked the mix of craft, finance, legal issues, marketing, publishing, and how to apply for government contracts…I know an event has been worth my while when I leave feeling stimulated to get going on writing projects that have been sitting idle. That was the case with Mediaville.” PWAC vice-president Bruce Wilson

“Congratulations to all involved, especially the volunteers who pulled everything together. I particularly enjoyed the wide cross-section of experience and opportunities represented at the event, both by the presenters and the participants.”

“I though it was great–Denis Levesque’s presentation on how to bid for Federal government contracts was worth the price of admission in and of itself.”

“Many thanks for this very useful event. I particularly liked the diversity of speakers, it opened my eyes to some freelancing opportunities I didn’t really know about.”

If you have ideas for the next mediaville, be sure to post them here; the participating associations will meet later this month to chat about the next mediaville Montreal!

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