MedjetAssist Presents 2009 Digital Media Travel Symposium

Leading travel and new media experts to explore the impact of social media and blogs on the world of travel

MedjetAssist, the leading emergency medical evacuation membership program in the US, will present the 2009 Digital Media Travel Symposium at New York’s Sony Wonder Tech Lab on October 15, 2009.

The symposium is the first stand-alone conference of its kind and will feature an open discussion forum with some of the most influential travel writers, editors and bloggers working today, including:

  • Adrien Glover – Online Deputy Editor of Travel + Leisure‘s new website and blog
  • Janelle Nanos – Editor of Intelligent Travel, the popular travel blog from National Geographic Traveler magazine
  • Michael Yessis – Editor and Co-Founder of, the Travel Channel’s blog
  • John DiScala – Editor of
  • Everett Potter – Publisher and Editor of Everett Potter’s Travel Report

Will McKee, Director of Marketing for MedjetAssist and Editor of Medjet’s World Wide Will travel blog, will be moderating the conference and leading discussions detailing how the world of travel has been impacted by various digital media forms, including the rise of such social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. “We are thrilled to have some of the nation’s top travel influencers as part of the symposium,” said Mr. McKee. “The media world is changing rapidly and all facets of the travel industry are being forced to keep up. With this symposium, we will share ideas about how to most effectively capitalize on these new advances.”

Attendees and panelists at the symposium will be able to live-blog and Tweet throughout the event at the WiFi-ready Sony Wonder Tech Lab.  There will also be a live Twitter feed, @MJAMediaSymp, so those unable to attend will be able to follow the symposium in real time.


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