IABC Montreal Master Class, Sept. 16

The International Association of Business Communicators, Montreal chapter, has scheduled a master class on Wednesday, September 16, 2009.

Reserve now for this professional development event from IABC/Montréal: a full morning with “top of their class” communicators. Meet and learn from the best!

7h30 – 8h00 Networking breakfast buffet. (Oh those mini croissants & saumon fumé!)

8h00 – 9h30 Suzanne & Chris Salvo
Words Are Not Enough: Understand the importance of visuals.

What’s hot now in the communications industry is photography – for hard copy AND on the web. Are you a part of the Digital Visual Era or are you still in the Dark(room) Ages? A visual communications tsunami is gathering strength, don’t be swept away! Most communicators come from a word background and don’t even know what they don’t know about visual communications. They recognize the importance of good copy editing, but photo editing is not given the same attention. As the business world becomes more and more visually oriented, choosing company images based on personal taste and gut feeling is not good enough. Like editing copy, you need to know how to recognize basic visual ‘grammar’ components and how they should be combined to produce a dynamic, effective communication tool.

Suzanne Salvo and her husband/partner Chris are co-owners of Salvo Photography, an international award-winning studio with bases in Houston, Texas and near Milan, Italy. They specialize in location shooting, and mandates have taken them to more than 60 countries to shoot annual reports, ad campaigns and editorial assignments. Visit their web site at www.salvophoto.com. For more fun, visit Suzanne’s Wall Street Journal-recognized photoblog at www.salvoatlarge.blogspot.com.

9h40 – 10h40 Mark Schumann, ABC
No Turning Back: How Social Media Changes How People Connect

In the tale of Humpty Dumpty, once he falls off the wall, there is no turning back. The same is true with our communication world. No matter how much we may wish to once again control a message or a medium, we are in a new world, and must live by a new set of rules. Mark will address how to adjust to a fundamental shift in communication power from the originator to the receiver of the message – and make social media give your organization new opportunities to be heard.

Mark Schumann is the 2009-10 Chair of IABC, is also the winner of 17 Gold Quill Awards from IABC as well as 34 Silver and Bronze Quill awards. He is an Accredited Business Communicator and a former Communicator of the Year of the chapters in Dallas and Houston. Mark is a Principal and Communication consultant for Towers Perrin. He has 30 years in the full range of employee, change, brand and human resource communication. He recently co-authored Brand from the Inside and Brand for Talent with Libby Sartain.

10h45 – 11h45 Jacqui d’Eon ABC, MC
Are Business Communicators Still Relevant? The Conversation.

With markets tanking, layoffs looming, technology taking over, citizen journalism exploding and corporate trust at all time lows, are business communicators still relevant? Is our profession in crisis?

After her opening remarks, Jacqui will lead a lively “At Issue” conversation with presenters and audience on how strategic communications can help break internal silos, cross boundaries and engage employees. She’ll also touch on how communicators can promote strategic dialogue—from traditional to electronic—to position the communications function as essential and take the role of communicators to new levels.

Jacqui d’Eon is a professional engineer, a specialist in public and consumer relations, and the Chief Communications Officer of Deloitte – the first person to hold this pivotal role. In addition to leading the firm’s internal and external communication programs, she consults daily with the firm’s partners on risk and reputation matters. She also acts as Deloitte’s national spokesperson with the media, professional institutions, government agencies and other stakeholders.

12h15-13h30 Lunch

For those interested/available at a tasty, reasonably-priced restaurant in the Quartier – no need to move your car!

For full details of this unique event and take advantage of our early bird special offer, visit us at IABC/Montréal.


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