Carte Blanche call for submissions

Carte Blanche is looking for poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for its spring issue. So send us your best scribbles and scrawls, be they sonnets, free verse, short stories, memoirs, personal essays, book reviews, literary journalism, or musings on the writing process—as long as it’s well written (and within our 3500 word limit) we’ll consider it.

We are also looking for photo essays for the upcoming issue. If you can tell a story in 12 photos or less, please send us an example of your work (and keep your email attachments under 1 MB) with a brief overview of what your photo essay is about. If you have a website where your photos are displayed please include a link in your email.

NEW! carte blanche now accepts English translations of literary works written in French, including poetry, nonfiction and fiction. The same guidelines apply as for original works for length, format and deadlines.

If your translation is accepted for publication, you will be asked to provide the original work on which the translation is based and proof of permission from the copyright holder to translate and publish the work.

See for submission guidelines. The deadline for the next issue is March 31st.

Quebec writers who are published in carte blanche will be eligible for the carte blanche Quebec prize awarded once a year at the QWF Awards Gala.

Lori Schubert
Executive Director
Quebec Writers’ Federation
1200 Atwater Avenue, Suite 3
Westmount, QC H3Z 1X4

(514) 933-0878

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