Stephen Lewis Foundation call for submissions

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Grandmothers’ Necklace
DEADLINE: Midnight, May 15th

Are you a grandmother? Have you had/do you have, a grandmother? This, then, is for you.

What is it? An anthology of poetry and prose — gems written by and about grandmothers (hence, the plural title) including some from those in the sub-Saharan African countries. This title stems from the beautiful Emerald Necklace Trail system in Petawawa, Ontario, Canada.

Wanted: A variety of pieces from men and women of diverse ethnic and experiential backgrounds — amusing, touching, encouraging, uplifting anecdotes, short stories, letters and poetry.

Editor: Patricia (Anne) Elford, B.A., M.Div., editor of various genres of books for adults and children, of newsletters, individual pieces and articles, an award-winning professional poet and writer, frequently published in periodicals (e.g. The Presbyterian Record, Artspaper, Glad Tidings, The Link, Esprit), newspapers and anthologies, as well as on line.

Submission Guidelines:
e- mail attachment preferred. Submit to after March 15, 2009, with “MY GEM” in the subject line. For answers to questions as yet unanswered, please use the same address and “QUESTIONS” subject line.
√Microsoft Word or Word Perfect √12-pt Times New Roman √ one-inch margins

If hard copy: One side only, Address to: “The Pines”, 614 Airport Rd., Pembroke, ON, K8A 6W7, Attention: My Gem (Please note. Manuscripts will not be returned)

Prose: Short fiction, creative non-fiction or brief opinion piece, double-spaced
Word Count: 500 to 650 words maximum
POETRY: (non-rhymed preferred but not required), single-spaced
Limit of Lines per poem: 40
PHOTOS: If submitting related photos (e.g. the grandmother, a special item which belongs/ed to the grandmother), use the camera as an external device and cut-and-paste images to a folder. When e-mailing, attach the image directly from its folder to the email; the way you would a Word document. Preference: digital photographs, 300 dpi minimum, high quality uncompressed JPEGs.
Please do not send originals through surface mail.
A brief bio and photo will be requested from all whose work is accepted for publication
All profits will go to “Grandmothers to Grandmothers”, Stephen Lewis Foundation.


The goal is a broad cross-section of contributions from competent, vibrant writers, some very well-known and others who are not yet well-known, but have a good story to tell.

Thank you.


Patricia Anne Elford, B.A., M.Div.,
(613) 687-5316 or
Artist, Editor, Educator, Facilitator, Minister, Writer (various media & settings & genres, oh my!)

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