Canadian Authors Association 2009 Awards Program

One of PWAC’s 2009 National Conference partners, the Canadian authors Association (CAA) has announced its 2009 Awards Program. Details are available below.

The Canadian Authors Association (CAA) is again offering awards for English-language literature and drama for adults by authors who are Canadians or landed immigrants. For the 2009 awards, all entries must have been first published (or in the case of plays performed) in 2008. Publication or performance may have taken place outside Canada. Winners will receive a silver medal and the cash prize noted below. Work by previous winners of a particular award may be entered, but not in the year immediately following their award of the prize. (For example, if Jane Doe won the award for fiction in 2008, her work will not be eligible for entry in the fiction category again until 2010.) Reprints, translations and posthumous entries are not eligible. Entry forms are required.

CAA MOSAID Technologies Inc. Award for Fiction: $2,500
CAA Lela Common Award for Canadian History: $2,500
CAA Jack Chalmers Poetry Award $1,000
CAA Carol Bolt Award for Drama $1,000

Entry Fee: There is a fee of $35.00 per title entered for each of the above four awards, to offset a portion of the awards program administrative costs. Four copies of the book or play are also required.

Deadline: The deadline for entries to the above four awards is December 15, 2008. A shortlist of the best three books in each of the above catagories will be announced in April, 2009. The winners will then be announced at the gala awards banquet during the annual CAA Conference in Toronto in June 2009.

CAA-BookTelevision Emerging Writer Award: This award was first presented in 2006, and is made possible through the generosity of BookTelevision. The CAA-BookTelevision Emerging Writer Award is for writers under 30. Winners receive a medal, cash prize and travel to the CAA Conference. There is no entry fee for this award. Entry forms are not required. Details are posted on the CAA Website. The deadline for the award is March 31, 2009

Visit for entry forms and further details for all awards.

The winners will be announced in May 2009 and the Awards will be presented Saturday June 6th 2009 at the CAA’s annual conference in Toronto, Ontario.

For assistance, contact Alec McEachern, CAA National Director, at:
Phone: (705) 653-0323 or (866) 216-6222
Fax: (705) 653-0593


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