Meet the Editors (and Corporate Communicators)

Our much-anticipated annual Meet the Editors (plus, for the first time, Corporate Communicators) event is happening next Thursday, Oct. 16. This event is for members only, so for details go to the members section.

For those not in-the-know, this event is when we invite local media types interested in working with freelance writers to introduce themselves and their organization, then partake in one-on-one pitching (or just schmoozing) sessions with the PWAC members in attendance.

Here’s who’s attending, with several other potential clients still to confirm:

Valerie Howes, HomeSpa magazine (Spafax)
David Godsall, onAir e-zine (Spafax)
Howard Bokser, Concordia Magazine
Martin Patriquin, Maclean’s
Jennifer McMorran, Nights Publications

Corporate Communicators
Hélène Bouchard, Comminications Hélène Bouchard

Just another reason to join PWAC!


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