Monday, August 25th, 2008, 6:30 pm
Venue TBD (downtown Montreal)

Freelancers, now is your chance to “show your stuff” to prospective employers who may be looking for talent like yours! I welcome all American Medical Writers Association members and non-members to this dinner event. You will have the option to provide a very brief description (roughly 2 mins) of your services in an informal manner and to mingle with prospective employers. Employers will be invited to give a brief description of their needs as well, be it medical writing/editing or graphic design etc.

Information regarding the venue will be forthcoming in the next week. Please RSVP by August 20th by EMAIL (although don’t think you can’t come to the event if you don’t RSVP in time!), but please give me as much notice as possible, so I can let the restaurant know how many chairs to set up.

All AMWA members and non-members are welcome! (There is no fee, only what you order for food/or beverages). Please feel free to forward this invite to anyone who may be interested, writers and employers alike! For anyone who may know an interested prospective employer and is shy to invite them, please advise me and I will send them an official invite. We’ll only have a successful event if we have a mix of both! Don’t forget to bring lots of resumes, business cards, etc.

Crystal Kaczkowski, MSc.
Freelance medical writer/AMWA Montreal events coordinator
medicalwriter (at) videotron (dot) ca


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