PWACer Book: The Story of French

Julie Barlow, PWAC Quebec’s past president, and co-author Jean-Benoît Nadeau are holding a press conference for their latest book, The Story of French, on October 11 in Montreal. All the information is below. If you plan to attend, you can contact the press agents listed at the bottom of this post. All PWACer journalists are welcome.
The Story of French

by Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoît Nadeau

Journalists at Montreal’s L’actualité magazine, the authors will be presenting their new book, The Story of French, a popular history of French, to Montreal media. The first book of its type written in English, it spans 13 centuries of history from Charlemagne to Cirque du Soleil.

To write The Story of French, Nadeau and Barlow spent two years travelling and talking to francophones in 15 destinations, including Senegal, Israel, Algeria and Louisiana. The result: a narrative that unravels the mysteries of French and explains how French has remained the world’s other global language in spite of the rise of English.

Using the unique blend of anecdote and reflection they developed in their last book, Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong (200 000 copies sold to date in English, French, Dutch and Chinese), Nadeau and Barlow discuss both the highs and lows of French. They challenge the widely held belief that French is on the decline and explain some of the mysterious cultural reflexes of francophones – from the politicisation of language, to the obsession with the norm and the centrality of Paris and more.

“Exceptionally told, a celebration of the lasting influence of la langue française.” — THE KIRKUS REVIEW

“Francophiles will be well-served by the care and detail with which the authors handle their subject, while English speakers will find an illuminating portrait of Gallic sensibility.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

For more information

The press conference will take place in French and in English

At : Union Française, Wednesday, October 11, at 10 A.M.
429 Viger St. 514-845-5195
(Corner Berri, Metro Champs de Mars)

Press Contacts:
Contact at Knopf Canada : Nadia de Freitas

Contact at Union Française : Sophie Ginoux


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