UPDATED: PWAC Quebec Pub Nite + Meet The Editors

We’re kicking off the fall season of PWAC with a Pub Nite at Brutopia on September 21 from 6:30 p.m. on. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow members, talk about freelancing, and have some fun. Brutopia is located at 1219 Crescent, between Ste. Catherine and Rene Levesque. More info here. Come join us for a drink! UPDATE: You’ll be able to spot our table becasue it will have this bobblehead doll on it.

Also, we will be holding our annual Meet The Editors event on October 25. We will have editors from a variety of local and national media on hand to tell you about their outlet and explain the kind of stories they want. Members also have a chance to sign up for one-on-one pitching sessions with each editor. This is a free, members only event. Watch this site for the date, and for news about some of the other events and workshops we’re planning for the fall.

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